Friday, April 30, 2010

Last day of April

Hello, world. In particular, Elizabeth.
So yesterday was the SEEK play/SEEK Choir preformance.
They were both rockin' awesome. LOL
I like Monk. Alot. That's what I'm about to go watch.
Ok, I've decided to get in shape so I can play Football this fall. WOOOOHOOOO!
Ok, goodbye. I'm going to watch Monk now.
Happy last day of April, 2010. You'll never get this year back, so do something worth while. Live like your dying! Go Skyding! Go Rocky Mountain Climbing! Go 2.7 Seconds on a bull named blue mans shoe (or something like that). Love deeper! Speak sweeter! Give forgivness you've been denying! One day I hope you get the chance to live like your dying. Ok?
Goodbye. Happy 221st anniversary of George Washington's swearing in of Presidency. Goodbye again. That was the last time I will say it. Goodbye (...oohhhhh...)


elizabohnet said...

wow like I REALLY don't like my brothers' fan. it makes loud noises and yeah its annoying. i like MY fans though. goodbye.

Anonymous said...

How do I follow your blog?